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Leather Accessories

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  • Bracelet
    Bracelet (leather). ..
    1 090 р.
    Qty: 10
  • Diary
    Diary (leather). ..
    1 690 р.
    Qty: 10
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  • iPad\ tablet case
    iPad\ tablet case ..
    1 090 р.
    Qty: 10
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Money clip
    Money clip (leather). ..
    1 090 р.
    Qty: 10
  • Card holder (landscape)
    Pocket business card holder (leather).   Turnover - soft tanned leather or smooth white landscape, insert - 18 transparent plastic pockets to hold business cards or plastic cards. ..
    990 р.
    Out Of Stock
  • Doc Cover
    The documents’ cover (the passport or car documents) from natural leather. Bright accurate painting is printed by means of the paint merging with a skin surface, as a result we have resistant to moisture and mechanical influences the full-color image, which is reliably protected from fall, de..
    890 р.
    Out Of Stock
  • Envelope for pass
    Bright nice Envelope for pass!   Any questions email to gallery@artistina.ru ..
    790 р.
    Out Of Stock